Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Floods in Bulacan State University, Philippines

by Jose Mari M. Garcia

College students in low-lying Bulacan towns struggled to travel from their homes to attend classes during the previous massive flooding only to find out that Bulacan State University (BulSU) was also submerged.

With this perennial flood woe, the BulSU Board of Regents recently approved an P18 million budget to elevate the roads inside the main campus here and to repair the clogged drainage system which triggers backflow of rancid-smelling seepage.

BulSU president Mariano De Jesus said the fund came from the savings of the 20,000-strong university which was spawned from the development fee paid by the students.

"I am embarrassed seeing the students wade through flood waters while I'm in the comfort of my car. So when I saw that there was fund which can ease the problem, I decided to take action," said De Jesus.

When it rains, water pumps are placed in the main and second gates of the university to seep the flood which reached two-feet high and divert it to the roads outside.

Students were relieved at the said plan of the school.

"This plan to repair the road is beneficial. Our problem is that the flood outside the university is higher so the water is collected here inside. If this will push through, this will be a big help," said Lyndon Saguinsin, a fifth year in Civil Engineering.

Third year Journalism student Katherine Mae Corbillon was delighted as this flood problem has has been there ever since she entered the 107-year old university.

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