Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Make Coconut Tree Healthy and Profitable

How to Make Coconut Tree Healthy and Profitable
by Ninfa B Quirante

Some 4, 900 bags of coconut fertilizers have been delivered to 10 municipalities in Samar under the National Coconut Productivity Program (NCPP).

In an interview, Samar's Coconut Development manager Emi Acasio said that the fertilizer is needed to make the coconut trees productive and bear quality fruits.

"The coconut fruit becomes heavier and the coconut meat thicker if the tree is fertilized," he told radio listeners in a phone patch interview, Tuesday.

As the province of Samar is divided into 10 coconut development areas; each area received 490 bags.

"These were directly delivered to the areas by a forwarder commissioned by PCA," added Acasio.

Aside from the fertilization of coco trees, another project under the NCPP, the Participatory Coconut Planting Project (PCPP), is also ongoing, the PCA director said.

Under the program, a farmer who plants a coconut tree is paid, this scheme starts when he plants the seedling and he gets P5.00. When the coco tree grows to a meter or so he is again given a certain amount; for a desired growth, a farmer gets paid, and all in all, a farmer is paid at least P30.00 just to make sure that the trees are surviving.

"Whats more, he can utilize the planted coconut, it is like saying that the government pays you for being a coconut farmer," said Acasio.

Relative to this, Acasio urged Samarnons to plant more coconuts.

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