Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Public Warned on Swindlers in Isabela, Philippines

Public Warned on Swindlers in Isabela, Philippines
by Merlito G. Edale, Jr.

The Isabela Police Provincial Office has called on Isabelinos to be careful against swindlers who are operating in the province, following the arrest of some of members of said syndicate in the province yesterday.

Police Senior Superintendent Franklin Moises Mabanag said the arrest of the suspects is the result of the vigilance of the public in reporting to the police the dubious activities of the syndicate.

Mabanag said the modus of the suspects is the exchanging of fake checks to business establishments wherein they were caught at San Mariano, Isabela.

Police in the province believed that the apprehended seven-member swindling syndicate in the province is only a part of a big syndicate operating not only in the province but in other parts of the Luzon.

The suspects are now at the police custody and a three-count case of swindling has been filed against them at the province's prosecutors office.

Mabanag has called on Isabelinos to report to the police those people who are doing doubtful financial transactions using fake checks.

He said swindling syndicates tend to take advantage of the holiday season when employees encash the checks they received from their employers.

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