Friday, June 17, 2011

How to Energize Your Day

When you wake up every morning, energize the new day by saying, " Thank You Lord for the new life! " If you repeatedly express it at the start of the day, you will end up the whole day thinking of God's faithfulness in your life. 

" Thank You Lord " expression should be your regular vitamins to keep your mind and heart grateful of God despite of every thing. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

Love your work and your workplace

Love your work and your workplace. There are people who criticize badly their office and management for not giving their due. They create gossips, rumors and negative statements and share them to others, especially those who are young and innocent, trying to get their sympathy and support in their cause. 

What they are unconscious and insensitive about is the fact that this is the work and workplace God has assigned them to enrich their economic and personal lives. Stop making yourself an additional problem to the injuries. Help and open out your sentiments in a very ethical and professional way. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy