Saturday, June 18, 2011

Leadership must be an image of services

Leadership must be an image of service. It entails greater responsibilities and burdens on the part of the leader. Being a leader is a God-driven task. He is not a God to a few. But some of our leaders in the modern world act like Gods in their own selfish ways.

If you claim to be a leader, you are endowed with the qualities of God's leadership: humble, truthful, passionate, committed, selfless and God-fearing. If you do not have these qualities of a leader, then you can be considered a person acting like God in your own territory, which is also part of God's realm. 

You can never be a God wherever you are. You are only a caretaker of God's territory on earth. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

God is the greatest sharpener of our Faith

Sometimes God gives us terrible sickness to teach us to take good care of our health. He provides tragic economic crisis and places our business in closure to remind us to slow down in handling our employees. He breaks our heart by giving us huge pains and unimaginable sufferings to turn back our minds to Him. 

God is the greatest sharpener of our Faith. In times when your world turns upside down, just turn on your heart and mind to God's will and think of what you have done in your life. Probably, you have already abused the freedom and love He gave you. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

Little and minor successes and achievements

Little and minor successes and achievements could endanger yourself. Whatever highness of feelings you have due to initial progress and changes in life will lead you down. Do not start to become sarcastic, proud and unreachable because you feel that you have improved your life's standing. 

God is the highest of all, but He never thinks of Himself as our Boss. He just leads us the way and shares life as a friend, counselor and provider. Stay on the ground whatever highness of life you have and God will bring you up. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

When you desire to live longer, make sure you live better and greater

When you desire to live longer, make sure you live better and greater. Never involve yourself in any compromising practices and transactions. You might have hidden yourself from people in keeping dishonest truths and things. But you cannot escape from the eyes of God.

Some people feel so proud for having cheated others using their intellectual supremacy and emotional appeal. They think those who were cheated are idiots and weak to fight for their rights. We are just tiny bubbles in the air. God can wash away our smartness and expertise in due time if we use them to deceive mankind. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

Be a carrier of good and wonderful memories to others now

Be a carrier of good and wonderful memories to others now. Every little sweetness and affection you will do to a friend costs so much gladness. Your jokes and wise counsel can really break one's heart when you die. Your usual sending of inspirational text messages and cards to somebody else brings a lot of hope and faith. The aura of your personality that captures the winds and skies to harmonize the world is truly a fantastic gentle whisper in your silent moments.

Prepare your meaningful death today by giving meaning to the life of others. God created you to be a meaning of life for them. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

If you do every thing for your own interest and happiness

If you do every thing for your own interest and happiness, you cannot find real fulfillment in life's endeavors. Some people want to become more rich, more educated, more prominent in order for others to recognize who they are. 

But when you go home, feelings of anxiety, insecurities, sadness and negative competition strike your bones. You are still not happy and contented with what you have because you lack God in you. God should be your major interest and you will get, not just happiness, but joy.- by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

Be a person of " thank you " to everyone

Be a person of " thank you " to everyone. Any little good things done deserves such phrase and should be considered an automatic behavior. Some people around you may not be that too expressive to let others hear it from you. They say , " please", but no word of " thank you is being said afterwards. 

Get in touch with your heart closer through this phrase, " thank you ". Make it a habit to welcome little good things and gestures from others. Your " thank you " is a way of thanking God for the people around you.

Financial increase and abundance

A person who always measures success through financial increase and abundance is still empty-handed. Your success is determined on how your life has made a big impact to others. Being considerate, affectionate, generous and caring to the needs of others are just one of the golden qualities of a successful individual. 

Don't just be wealthy, popular and famous to consider yourself successful. Use your kindness, wisdom, love and support to change others' lives for the better and for God's greater glory. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy