Sunday, June 19, 2011

God uses you as an instrument to uplift others' lives

God uses you as an instrument to uplift others' lives if you really acknowledge and believe that He empowers you to be so. When you think of glorifying His name in thoughts, words and deeds and others are blessed with your life's disposition, that is the time God is truly using you to fulfill His purposes in our lives.

Be thankful to Him when you are given huge responsibilities and challenges because it means God trusts you so much to be His instrument for others. Never complain, never refuse the challenge and never stop allowing yourself to be a useful citizen of life. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

Simplicity keeps our heart stable and happy

Simplicity keeps our heart stable and happy. Sometimes we encounter and become the cause of major problems of others because we don't simplify understanding and relationship with them. 

We insist on our own ideas even if they are not acceptable to modern times. You justify wrong doings and believe that you are always right even if your heart tells you that you are actually guilty with it. Let us not worsen the situation we are in. Come closer to God and let Him simplify your thoughts and feelings with simplicity of understanding for love and harmony. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

A Father's presence in the home is a builder of courage

A Father's presence in the home is a builder of courage and practicality. His natural character radiates protection, strength and power in fighting against life's struggles. 

Today, we look back and turn on the episodes of Fatherhood as we thank the Lord God for making family life built on his extraordinary leadership. Our fathers are the replica of how the Almighty Father in Heaven touches our souls each day. We salute them! - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

Kisan Lu Moves to Fix Flooding in Davao City

FYI - Friday and Saturday, Kisan Lu cleared the right-of-way along the north side of the river bridge of trees and undergrowth.  This is apparently to resume excavation and installation of the five foot diameter culverts all the way to the river past the underground storage tank manufacturer.

Kisan Lu will have to have to temporarily cut the cement road on the west side of the underground storage tank manufacturer.
In addition, we must be sure Kisan Lu promptly connects their own outflows at the beginning point of the drain line.

It might also be an additionally effective flood reduction measure for the City to somehow intentionally divert a portion of a flood stage level of Ma-a Creek to the culvert, somewhere in the Datu Loho Village area.

Might I add that thanks are due Councilors Zozobrado, Braga and of course, Vice Mayor Rody Duterte for being the head of the spear to prod Kisan Lu to action. - Stacey