Friday, June 24, 2011

When you engage in business

Learn to wear the heart of others. When you engage in business, your main responsibility towards your employees is to provide them benefits and motivation to achieve quality results in work. Monetary gains should not be your topmost priority for yourself. Think of the welfare of the employees first.

Whatever position you handle in the workplace, God places you there to keep your life happy with all the incentives, empowerment and fulfillment that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Be sensitive and compassionate for others. - by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy

Liberate yourself from a chaotic life

Liberate yourself from a chaotic life by keeping simple things and ways in mind. Be practical in buying your wants and always focus on your needs. Do not entertain so much problems, worries and intrigues about you. Choose an ordinary life that seeks inspiration and happiness for others. Never be tempted with cheating practices and monetary motivations. Make God the center of your life.

Some people get into chaos because they try to pretend somebody they cannot be. They engage in complicated decisions and God has never been a part of their daily activities. -by Ralph Oscar Bagaboyboy