Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CIDA Projects in the Philippines


Question 1:   May a firm bid on individual CIDA projects, including this one?
Response:   Yes, the call for proposals is open to individuals or firms.

Question 2:   May a firm nominate 2 consultants and divide the man months between them, in order to enhance service?
Response:   Yes, the firm may nominate 2 or more consultants to undertake the activity


Question 1:  As a strategy, we are planning to work as a team of three consultants to better focus on our respective fields of expertise while at the same time drawing on our synergy. I will be taking the lead and would naturally fill out all the forms necessary. My question is, do the two partner consultants need to fill up Forms A and B too?
Response:   No, because we are only looking for a SINGLE/INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT. Please refer to clarification made per Addendum 1 which was posted in this PCCO Website on 26 April 2011

Question 2:  If yes, how will the technical proposal be rated with three consultants? If no, how would the experiences of the other consultants be integrated in the proposal?
Response:   Does not apply.

Question 3:   Is the cost of the FGDs in the field part of the reimbursable or would it be part of the overhead of the Consultant?

Response:   Please refer to Section 3. 2 Reimbursable Expenses of the RFSP.

"3.2    Reimbursable expenses
The Consultant must provide a list of the estimated reimbursable expenses that are normally incurred during, and directly related to the performance of his/her services, e.g, transportation, travel allowances, printing, communications, non-professional personnel, etc. Reimbursable expenses shall not be part of the Financial Component as these costs, if applicable, will be negotiated with the Embassy of Canada.

Expenses could include the following:
•   Cost of travel while on travel status within Philippines, or elsewhere, and the cost of other transportation, in accordance with  the Treasury Board Travel Directive of the Government of Canada. Note that these expenses are subject to CIDA's prior     approval.
•   Accommodation, meals and incidentals in accordance with the Canadian Treasury Board Travel Directive while on travel status.
•   All other reasonable reimbursable expenses arising from the performance of the services (suchas local non-professional personnel, communications, printing and other related reasonable reimbursable expenses as approved by CIDA)."

Question 4:  If an entity will submit a proposal instead of an individual or team of consultants, what are the additional requirements to be submitted?
Response:    Not applicable. Please see response to Addendum 1: Question no.1 which was posted in this PCCO website on 26 April 2011.