Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Suggestions for Davao Mayor Sarah Duterte-Carpio

I personally strongly support and compliment our good Mayor Sarah Duterte's many efforts to improve the City's environmental, subdivision approval and city planning activities.   In further support I would respectfully make the following eight brief suggestions:

1) Fully rezone and convert most of remaining Shrine Hill to a Forest Preserve and Park.

2) Obtain recognition of proposed "Green Zones" & Bicycle Paths throughout the city proper.

3) Significantly increase penalties for violations of Davao City Building Code of 1996, such that fines would pay for legal actions and a little more.

4) Active Criminal and Civil prosecution of violators of Presidential Decree 957 covering HLURB standards & Presidential Decree 705, known as the Forestry Code.

One of the Forestry code prohibitions forbids subdivision and other development on  steeply sloped forested hills of greater than eighteen (18%) percent of the vertical.

4) Require Environmental, Building Code and Development Permit Performance Bonds for all subdivision developments, regardless of the size of the developer.

5) Require repair & remediation of illegal subdivision development sites or Fines sufficient to pay for such as part of a new building code.

6) Require GeoHazard Disclosures of flood plain and landslides in all Sales, Deeds of Sale, and Mortgage Documents.

For enforcement, Notarization of Documents, and Registration of Deeds without signed Disclosure Receipt by buyer would not be allowed.

7) Subdivision real estate purchases to be buyer rescindable (cancellable) for up to three years for failure to disclose hazardous conditions by Developers.

8) Disallow sales financed, "Progressive Completion," subdivision developments.
by JS Baird