Thursday, September 8, 2011

USAID Job Opportunities in the Philippines


The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID/Philippines) has an immediate need for a Development Outreach and Communications Specialist (DOC Specialist). The Specialist, who serves as the Outreach Team Leader, is the USAID/Philippines staff member with overall responsibility for all Mission public outreach and information efforts.  These efforts, both for the Philippines and for American consumption, educate and promote a better understanding of USAID programs.  The Specialist provides leadership in developing and implementing the Mission's communication strategy and operational guidelines, and implementing outreach and information activities such as: developing and packaging new information outreach activities and products; cultivating relationships with the media; promoting press coverage of USAID assistance; overseeing the Mission website; managing public outreach events and high-level visits; branding; and, developing and packaging routine and special reports and briefing materials.  S/He serves as the primary point of contact and liaison for USAID/Philippines with local and international media.

The DOC Specialist serves as the principal USAID/Philippines communications liaison with all Technical Offices and implementing partners.  S/He collaborates closely with U.S. Embassy Manila, particularly with the Front Office, Public Affairs Section, U.S. military representatives, and assigned control officers (e.g., for VIP visits) to ensure that Embassy personnel are always aware of USAID/Philippines public activities and projects.  The DOC Specialist also serves as the primary liaison with the USAID Bureau for Legislative and Public Affairs in Washington, DC for activities regarding communications and outreach.  S/He also ensures that all outreach responses to USAID/Washington, the U.S. Congress, the State Department, other U.S. Government agencies, implementing partners, and customers are of the highest quality and accurately reflect the latest Mission vision and accomplishments, as well as USAID guidance.

She/He is responsible for collecting, investigating, managing, and distributing information associated with the USAID foreign assistance program in the Philippines.

The candidate must meet the following Evaluation Criteria:

* Education (10%) -  Minimum of Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, Public Relations, English, economic development, or a related field is required. A master's degree in a related field is preferred. 

* Work Experience (10%) -  A minimum of five to seven years of progressively responsible experience in communications, public relations, or journalism is required.  This experience should provide assurance that the DOC Specialist is skilled in disseminating information to a variety of target audiences.  Previous work in U.S. Government or other international development organizations is highly desirable.  Experience in managing an outreach team is required.

* Job Knowledge (25%) - Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of a variety of approaches to information outreach, and demonstrated skills and hands-on experience in public relations and/or media, e.g. journalism, publishing, television, etc., including the development and packaging of information, and presenting and/or disseminating this for maximum impact and reach.  Knowledge of standard principles, methods, and practices of communication and information management are required, in order to design and implement public affairs events and outreach materials.  And, the work requires a broad understanding of issues related to international development.  An understanding of the landscape of Philippine media players is preferred.

* Skills and Abilities (30%) – Demonstrated leadership to carry out the functions of the position in a largely independent manner, based only on general guidance and broad strategic/policy direction  Must have the ability to quickly analyze, synthesize, and clearly and creatively communicate complex information; demonstrated ability to think critically and analytically about the comprehensive portfolio of responsibilities; and, exhibit the leadership ability to plan, develop, and implement outreach and information strategy. The Specialist must have a high degree of creative ability, in order to produce effective outreach and information materials; and, the ability to serve as the primary point of contact and liaison for USAID/Philippines with local and international media, senior U.S. Embassy Officials and staff, USAID/Washington senior management and technical officers, Chiefs of Party for USAID, representatives of other donors, representatives of the U.S. and Philippine private sectors, high-level U.S. Government visitors, and representatives of other U.S. Government Agencies.  The Specialist must have the ability to handle interactions with high-level dignitaries and officials with maturity and confidence; the ability to travel throughout the Philippines in order to organize and implement outreach events and visit program/project/activity sites; have excellent computer skills, including MS Office, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, and Word; and have the ability to supervise a team of four staff members and contractors.

* Communication (25%) – The DOC Specialist position requires outstanding written and oral communication and editing skills.

Must have the ability to compose and edit executive level speeches and presentations.

Based on the successful candidate's salary history, a maximum annual salary of PhP 1,709,080.00 is offered. The compensation package includes mid-year and year-end bonuses, health and life insurance, and a supplementary retirement plan.