Monday, March 12, 2012

Manifesto to Save Mindanao Philippines from Environmental Tragedy

By Karl Gaspar


the adage that  Mindanao  is truly a Land of Promise.
It is the land that has  been  gifted by the Almighty -  Dios, Allah and Magbabaya -  to all the peoples who considers  Mindanao their  home.  It is the abode of all  our ancestors from time immemorial until today and will  be passed on from generation to generation.  Its promise is still to be fulfilled by  the Lumad, the Moro and the descendants of  the migrants  who found their way here  attracted by the possibilities  that came with such a promise.

that Mindanao is truly a Land of unsurpassed Possibilities.
Indeed, there are still tensions, divisions and conflicts  that have made Mindanao a bleeding land. However, I have reasons to look  forward to a future when the shadows will give way to the light, when  tears will turn to laughter, when  war will disappear  and  peace will reign.  Its possibilities will be collectively explored by everyone - peasants, fisherfolk, agricultural workers, laborers, businessmen, government officials, the  military and police, women and children, artists and artisans - who can already glimpse at the  precious outcome of such  possibilities.

that Mindanao and its people will journey together towards  a Peace-filled Tomorrow.
When the fruits  of the land will be justly distributed among  all its peoples.
When peasants have land, workers have jobs and families's needs are well provided.
When the governance system will favor no one but  will instead protect the rights of everyone.
When those who look  after  the people's security will  truly respect their human rights.
When the Mindanawons can truly respect and value each other's ethnicities, cultural and  faith traditions.
When we can safeguard nature and cultures as legacies for the coming generations.
When women find themselves reclaiming the roles of our foremothers and nurturing these even further.
When children can  run free  and frolic across its mountains, hills, plains, seas, lakes and rivers.

to do my best, within the capabilities  that the Almighty has gifted me, to
Live up to the demands of this Promise
Contribute to the fulfillment of these Possibilities
and to be truly part of this hope-filled
Journey towards Peace, Harmony, Justice, Equality and Freedom.

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