Saturday, October 13, 2012

Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines and Constitutional Change

The blessing of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines to the ongoing nationwide consultation and advocacy campaign on Constitutional Amendments being implemented by the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines is a breakthrough.

While the Senate and Lower House are in a stalemate to amend the Constitution, the momentum is building up in the local level, OFWs, business groups, private organizations, non-government organizations and even among the churches.

With the Catholic bishops backing, the nationwide consultation and information drive could now go full blast with new vigor and elicit widespread discussion, meaningful participation and wider support. As this happen more people will be empowered to make informed decision, inevitably the constitutional shift is coming to a head.

Meanwhile, a people's initiative by Sigaw ng Bayan has so far gathered seven million signatures for the shift. Election officers have verified a minimum of three percent required from 198 districts with only 15 to go.

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