Monday, October 8, 2012

Swiss Artists to Perform in the Philippines

Tuburan Institute, Inc. (TBI) the Steiner Waldorf inspired school in Blissful Village, Sitio Sagrada Familia, Brgy. Indangan, Davao 
City is proudly presenting ArteNova Institut Eurythmy Youth Ensemble's eurythmy performance, "Transitions" to be held on 
Friday, October 12, 2012 at the Davao Convention and Trade Center, F. Torres St., Davao City. On that day, DavaoeƱos will 
have the opportunity to witness this expressive art movement twice 1) Matinee at 3:00 in the afternoon (P100/ticket) and, 2) 
Gala at 7:00 in the evening (P200/ticket and P400/ticket). 

Moniela dela Cruz, a volunteer of TBI describes eurythmy as a beautiful or harmonious rhythm. "It's a form of dance, speech, 
song, creative expression and body language combined," she says. For the first time, Davaoenos can enjoy this performance of 
eurythmy with acrobatics, jazz, tango, and other styles. Katherine E. Estember, Head Teacher of TB says it's not every day that 
ArteNova Institut Eurythmy Youth Ensemble from Switzerland is going on a Philippine tour and passing by Davao following 
their recent debut at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.

Joining the excitement are schools, entrepreneurs, government workers, non-government organizations and people's 
organizations engaged in green businesses, environment advocacies, children, conflict-mediation and concerned with total 
human development. The University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC), the Davao Doctor's College (DDC), the Ateneo de 
Davao University (ADDU), the University of the Southeastern Philippines (USEP), South Point School Davao (SPSD), Tender 
Years Early Childhood Center (TYECC), and the Philippine Women's College – Davao (PWCD) are all sending their faculty, 
staff, and students majoring in Education, Psychology, Sociology, Occupational Therapy, Liberal Arts, Physical Education, and 
so on, to learn and experience about eurythmy also known as "soul gymnastics." "This is a once in a lifetime experience for 
Education Majors!"  explains Dr. Lyndon Devero, OSA Director of the PWC – Davao.

Eurythmy is widely used pedagogically in more than 1,000 Steiner Waldorf schools in over 65 countries to draw out students' 
creativity. Athena Masilungan, mother, early childhood teacher, and dancer says, "In my experience with children, I've found 
that eurythmy helps them be attuned with their bodies and find connections and oneness with everything around them. I've seen 
them develop stronger physical bodies, better coordination and a deeper connection to nature." The result for adults is the same 
according to Hindy Weber Tantoco – mother, wife, teacher, fashion designer, owner of Holy Carabao Holistic Farms. "I find 
most use for it in healing, cleansing, and strengthening. The curative aspect of eurythmy is what speaks to me more because of 
my needs," she says. Joy Romualdez Kawpeng, mother, wife, teacher, classical pianist, and music educator will be joining the 
Swiss artists in Davao City and says, "Eurythmy is nothing short of magic for me. But it's not for free. Like a skill we've taught 
ourselves to learn – as an athlete, artist, or musician – we have to put in effort to see results." 

The three women are part of the first Eurythmy Basics Training Group in Manila that has been training with Tanja Baumgarter, 
the star of "Transitions." Ms. Baumgarter is a mother of three children who got her training from the Zuccoli Eurythmy 
School in Dornach. She is the founder of Eurythmy Massage that works on the living forces of the body and has been doing 
extensive eurythmy research on plants and water. She now travels abroad to give practical trainings in eurythmy. For this 
year's celebration of 100 years of eurythmy, Ms. Baumgarter is going on a Philippine Tour with ArteNova Institut. Davaoenos 
interested to watch  Transitions can contact these numbers 09228938370 (sun), 09177174668 (globe), and 09081535326 
(smart) for tickets. 

All proceeds of Transitions will help Tuburan Institute, Inc. get off the ground as it embarks on its first school year developing 
balanced willing, thinking, and feeling. Inspired by the international Steiner Waldorf movement spanning more than 1,000 
schools in over 65 countries two (2) college educators, founded Tuburan Institute, Inc. in June 2011. Its doors opened to the 
first students last June 13, 2012. Each year one more level will be added until Class 12 on a proposed 10-hectare campus with 
children coming from families with different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. 

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