Thursday, January 31, 2013

Justice for Valeriano Agbulos

A sales manager was gunned down by the on-duty security guard detailed in a warehouse of a distributor company in Bacolod City early Tuesday afternoon.

The slain victim 52-year-old Valeriano Agbulos, a sales manager of the Red Maple, a distributor firm based in Metro Manila with a branch in Bacolod City, died on the spot.

In an initial investigation made by Police Station 4 of the Bacolod City Police Office said on Wednesday that the victim went to the warehouse of the Universal Harvester Inc. located at the Bredco Port in Bacolod City for collection chore. Incidentally, the employes were on their lunch break when he arrived.

While employees were having their lunch, they were surprised to hear the lone gun fire echoed. When they came out to investigate, they were surprised to see the bloodied victim.

They also saw the detailed warehouse security guard Mart Barrientos still holding his 9mm caliber service pistol as he stood in front of the victim .

Meanwhile, responding policemen has recovered an empty shell of a 9mm caliber pistol in the crime scene without the suspect who was reported to have escaped in haste.

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