Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Filipinos' voting preference

Two local incumbents believe Filipinos' voting preference is changing with political party affiliation becoming less of a consideration when choosing who to elect.

"People are now increasingly looking at what individual candidates can do to serve the public well once elected," Bulacan Vice-Gov. and former actor Daniel Fernando said during State-run PTV 4's 'Hatol ng Bayan' program for the 2013 mid-term polls.

The ball game was different in previous decades when voters generally backed political parties and not individual candidates, he recalled.

Manila Vice-Mayor Francisco 'Isko Moreno' Domagoso had the same observations, noting increasing election of both pro- and anti-administration candidates proves Filipino voters are already looking beyond party affiliation of those seeking public office.

Such change is particularly noticeable in polls following the Catholic Church-backed 1986 people's revolution that ended the 20-year administration of then President Ferdinand Marcos, he said.

He noted poll dominance of the anti-Marcos political bloc then waned in decades following that revolution.

Domagoso cited the youth as helping drive changing voting patterns in the country.

"The youth sector is increasingly becoming involved in shaping our nation's destiny," he said.

He noted advances in communication technology and rise of social media are facilitating the youth's activities in helping voters make informed poll choices.

Fernando and Domagoso earlier cited governance track record and platform as essential in a candidate's electoral bid.

They acknowledged the pressure to have both is particularly more for show business personalities eyeing public posts.

"People are skeptical when they learn a candidate is from show business - we must exert extra effort in proving our capability to serve in government," said Fernando, star of Regal Film's 1985 hit erotic film 'Scorpio Nights.'

Domagoso said showbiz personalities are generally famous that, in terms of name recall, they have an advantage over candidates who are not from the entertainment industry.

"It's important to be known but fame has its disadvantage as people tend to keep an eye on us more, however," he said.

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