Wednesday, February 6, 2013

USJR Scandal: Download Free USJR Scandal

People have been asking where to download free the USJR Video Scandal in Cebu. USJR is a university in Cebu City run by a Roman Catholic denomination. One of USJR students got caught in a video scandal involving another male student from another university in Cebu. The two were making love inside a hotel or wherever. The guy made a video out of it. While the guy was drinking in a bar, he left his phone. Someone picked up his phone and found the USJR scandal video.

Then the unethical guy who found the USJR video scandal uploaded the file in one of the websites or was it on Facebook. Then the video goes viral. The Internet is full of curious people. So many Filipinos want to see the video. Why do they want to see a video that is very private thing? Why are people so eager to watch and download the USJR video scandal?


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