Friday, March 8, 2013

Feng sui consultant Paloma

Two soothsayers confirmed counseling several election candidates who sought their help in boosting their respective political bids.

"I have a roster of political clients," feng sui consultant Paloma said during State-run PTV 4's 'Hatol ng Bayan' program for the 2013 mid-term polls.

Psychic Danny Atienza said national and local political personalities as well as foreign officials also seek his advice on matters related to their careers in the public sector.

"Some even consult me about which government position to aspire for," he said during the program.

Neither identified their respective clients nor bared their poll prospects this year, however.

Although the soothsayers offer counsel for the present and future, their method of generating this differs.

Paloma's prediction 'tools' include the stars, planets and clients' birth charts.

"I think everything we see in life is relevant," she said.

Atienza feels his client's vibes, however.

"A lot can be told by looking at a person," he said.

He cited prediction of former president Joseph Estrada's 2001 ouster from Malacanang as among his career highlights.

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