Tuesday, March 5, 2013

War in Boracay

The peaceful-loving islanders particularly in Sitio Balinghay, Brgy. Yapak, Boracay Island expressed alarm over the warring security guards from two security agencies which traded bullets that converted the locality into a virtual "wild wild west" barely noontime today.
In a long distance call, Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC) on-duty desk officer PO1 Juno Gregorio, said the shooting incident happened 10 minutes before noontime Monday.

He said no less than Boracay chief of police S/Insp Joeffer Cabural who proceeded to the area along with his men to conduct an investigation on the shooting rampage involving security guards from the Alpha Security Agency and Golden Eye Security who were fielded to watch the disputed land claim in the area.

PO1 Gregorio said the Boracay PNP led by S/Insp. Cabural has disarmed the 16 security guards involved in the shooting incident to difuse tension.

Firearms confiscated includes five 9mm pistols and five 12-gauge shotgun.

Fortunately, he said, the exchange of gun fires between the warring blue guards that lasted for almost half an hour left no fatalities or injuries to both sides.

Report have it that the shooting rampage erupted after one of the claimants, whom the police declined to identify, constructed the perimeter fence in the disputed land. Thus, triggered the shootout between the two camps.

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