Friday, April 7, 2017

Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

SME Nation conquers Davao
By Mai Gevera
Davao City (1 July) -- Realizing the need for small and medium businesses to go digital, the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. and the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) finally partnered to help SMEs develop business through the right access to information and communication technology.

DCCCII President Simeon Marfori bared that businesses in Davao need to be introduced with the latest innovations in technology especially on voice solution, internet broadband, and wireless solution.

"These are services that are not yet offered to and used by our SMEs. This is why we have partnered with PLDT as we share the same goal of making these innovations to Davao businesses and would later redound to binging in more investments in Davao City," Marfori said.

PLDT, on the other hand, has been roaming around the provinces to engage SMEs in taking advantage of simple, scalable, nurturing and enabling end-to-end solutions fitted for their respective businesses.

PLDT SME Group Head Katrina Luna-Abelarde attended the Memorandum of Understanding Signing held at the Apo View Hotel together with DCCCII executive director Conrado Hernaez, PLDT Small and Medium Enterprise for VisMin Business head Nilo Bantilan, and DCCCII President Simeon Marfori.

Abelarde claimed that Philippine SMEs suffer a poor rating on ICT that showed only 10 to 20 percent of the SMEs have stable internet access while 2 to 5 percent have websites of their own.

"How can we go global with this poor appreciation and usage of ICT?" she said.
Thus, PLDT SME Nation partners with different business organizations where they offer tailor-fit solutions such as broadband connectivity, business-enabling devices like computers, wireless access points, wireless card payment terminals, software applications, and contents like sales inventory management software and on-line website builders.

Abelarde explained that inorder to benefit various SMEs, PLDT has transformed its services from cost items into wise investments.

"We are not yet talking about the details of this partnership but definitely we are to bring cheaper technology services to our SMEs since we have partnered with PLDT," said Marfori.

SME Nation wishes to inculcate in the minds of SMEs the importance and value of the digital marketplace.

One amazing offering for SMEs is the PLDT MyDSL Biz where one can instantly launch his virtual outlets worldwide - all of which proudly promote and showcase one's wares. Through this product, one can also accept and respond to inquiries and capture sales from an increasing number of online customers.

Davao business chamber sees growth of ICT, SME sector

Davao chamber sees growth of ICT, SME sector
Davao City (1 July) -- Chamber of Commerce and Industries Inc. (DCCCII) President Simeon Marfori II sees the expansion and growth of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between PLDT and the Chamber on the offering of a wide range of ICT services to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises members of DCCII.

The MOU was signed by Marfori and PLDT SME Group head Katrina C. Luna Abelarde last July 27 at the Apo View Hotel Davao. The MOU is the first in the country where PLDT hopes to help SMEs foster connectivity and access to the latest innovations on ICT.

DCCII will provide the venue, linkage and technical skills to SMEs while PLDT will provide affordable, practical, scalable and managed solutions to these SMEs.
Marfori said that these are the elements needed for the growth of a sector (ICT) which along with agriculture, tourism sectors is where the Chamber will be focusing on for this year.

"The more SME users of ICT the better it will be for the industry as it will be used to increase productivity and efficient allocation of resources.

Marfori said that he hopes to enter into another agreement with another company. He said the DCCCII is looking into IBM which could provide the server, which could be used by the SMEs.

Luna-Abelarde said that the PLDT SME Nation Group was formed in January this year to help provide SMEs and IT platform. She said that of the 300,000 SMEs only 10-20% are connected to the internet of which 2 to 5% have websites of their own.

She said that among the packages offered to SMEs include Voice solutions which include a full PABX solutions package comprising of the switch and line. Also offered are Broadband package and applications for business operations. (PIA/RG Alama)