Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hospitals in Manila, Philippines

The Department of Healh (DOH) placed all government hospitals and
health facilities in "Code White" alert in Metro Manila to ensure of
immediate respond to any possible emergency situation that may arise
during the observance of Holy Week.

DOH-Center for Health Development (CHD) for Metro Manila Regional
Director Eduardo C. Janairo said he had placed all government
hospitals and health facilities in Metro Manila on Code White alert to
ensure that doctors, nurses and other health workers were on standby
for the emergency situations.

Janairo said Code White alert is in support for the "Operation Semana
Santa" spearheaded by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and
Management Council (NDRRMC).

In a Code White alert, emergency medicines and supplies especially for
trauma needs are readily made available 24/7 at the emergency rooms of
hospitals and health facilities.

Medical response teams are also deployed in strategic places to
assists and provide immediate care to patients. Laboratory services
such as X-ray are also made available.

Meawhile, Dr. Janairo warned those who will be practicing religious
traditions such as self-flagellation, bearing of heavy crosses, and
walking barely without protection to always practice caution and
personal hygiene after each enactment to avoid getting infections.

"We should always safeguard ourselves from illness as much as possible
and prevent sickness," Janairo said.

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