Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stop Dynamite Fishing in Iloilo, Philippines

Dynamite fishing is still rampant in the municipal waters of Carles,
Iloilo despite the persistent campaign of the Iloilo Provincial Bantay
Dagat against illegal fishing activities in the area.

Just last week the task force intercepted a fishing boat named MBCA
Allen Mae loaded with dynamites in Carles.

The Bantay Dagat reported that the crew immediately abandoned their
fishing boat after they spotted the approaching operatives.

Meanwhile, Bantay Dagat's consistent operations intercepted eight
other illegal fishing boats from March 21 to April 1, 2012.

The apprehended fishing boats were identified as MBCA Angel Boy 1 and
2 owned by Leonardo Bandes of Carles, FB Chester Lloyd owned by Julie
Franco of Carles, MBCA Jessel owned by Jose Betita of Carles, MBCA
Queen Heart owned by Josephine Tupas of Banate, MBCA Ma. Theresa owned
by Regie Papelera of Banate, and FB Cherry Star Ronelly Tolentino of
Barotac Viejo.

An unidentified fishing boat managed to escape after it was spotted by
the Bantay Dagat operatives in the municipal waters of Carles.

Appropriate charges are being readied against the owners and crew of
the apprehended fishing vessels.

Anti-illegal fishing czar provincial administrator Raul Banias said
the Bantay Dagat operatives have not wavered in the campaign to stop
illegal fishing activities despite the efforts of some sectors to
destabilize them through fabricated allegations.

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