Friday, March 15, 2013

German Expat Got Dengue, Needs Blood

Hello, this Call For Help is being sent out the American Expat Community and certain others.

Alf Lammel, age 36 - Dengue Victim - is quite ill and hospitalized at Davao Doc Hospital and needs B- Blood.  B- blood is apparently extremely rare in the Philippines, racially. Not sure if O- or O+ would work.

Davao Doc's main number is 221-2101 if you want to get more information on blood donation.  Usually, it is taken by the Philippine Red Cross next door to the Marco Polo Hotel on Roxas near Ateneo University. Alf's local number extension is, I believe, 104.

A native of Germany, Alf lives in the Amelia Apartments, Topaz Street, Marfori Heights and has lived in the Philippines for more than two years.  His partner is Michelle. They have no children.

You may coordinate with Michelle at Her cell no. is 09177176562.

It would be good if you could donate, know someone who could, or have contacts in the German Expat Community and could forward this call for assistance to them. Let's all try to help.

J. Stacey Baird
U.S. Embassy Area Warden Volunteer
Spring Village, Ma-a
Davao City

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