Friday, March 15, 2013

Ongoing expansion of Guimaras Provincial Hospital

The ongoing expansion of the Guimaras Provincial Hospital (GPH) is slated to be completed anytime this second quarter of the year, according to Dr. Bobby Yoro, chief of hospital.

The new building that is being funded by the provincial government of Guimaras and the Department of Health (DOH) has a 28-bed capacity for private rooms, he said.

The construction was in response to the clamor of patients who would like to avail of private rooms but could not because the existing facility only has six private rooms. He added that it would also be inconvenient for them if they still have to travel to Iloilo just to avail of the private facility.

The hospital that has a current capacity of a Level II secondary hospital offers major departments and services namely medicine, surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology.

However, he admitted that the services are on a limited scale because the hospital lacks resident and part-time physicians. He also cited that they could not hire plantilla personnel due to lack of resources.

With the expansion, they are now trying to improve the amenities of hospital rooms and acquire a backup generator so their services won't be affected in case of brownouts.

He added that any income that will be generated from the private rooms will be used to subsidize their service patients.

The GPH was one of the awardees in today's recognition of hospitals and centers with exemplary performance in newborn screening (NBS).

Chief nurse Emma Ebreo said that they have achieved around 95 to 98 percent accomplishment last year, higher compared with their past performance. Those who were not able to avail of NBS were neonatal cases.

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