Saturday, May 13, 2017

Marikina Shoe Industry

TRADE CHIEF, JAPANESE SENATOR EXPLORE WAYS TO REVIVE MARIKINA SHOE INDUSTRY. Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez (right) recently (2 May) discussed with Japanese Senator Teruhiko Mashiko (left) more possible ventures for trade and investment cooperation between the Philippines and Japan. Specifically, as Senator Mashiko talked about prospects in the shoe manufacturing industry in the Philippines, Sec. Lopez mentioned opportunity for Japanese investors to touch base with the stakeholders of Marikina City, the shoe capital of the Philippines. Also discussed were the complementary demographics between the two sides with Japan having silvering populace and with the Philippines enjoying a sweet spot of younger workforce. In view of its human capital advantage, the Philippines has become one of the most attractive markets for human resources globally. According to Sec. Lopez, President Rodrigo Duterte is very keen in bringing back the glory of Marikina's robust shoe making industry.

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