Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jobs in the philippines internet content Writer

We are a small but fast growing SEO company (search engine optimization) based in Singapore. With our growth there will be more and more opportunities available to you including team leadership roles. We are seeking writers for work in the Philippines. Later on we will have openings for SEO Consultants. You will be joining a six person Filipino team.

Our company site is

We are unique also in that we support children in need through Buy1GIVE1 ( - Every new client we attract we feed and educate a slum living child for a month.
Internet Content Writer
Web Content Writer - SEO
( Work from home or in East Manila / Quezon)

    * We are a Singapore based SEO company. We're seeking talented and experienced content writers who can create interesting internet articles for us that are of a consistent high quality and delivered on time.
    * You will need to create flat standard articles (330 words) as well as 'spun' articles.
    * We have full video training available for article spinning.
    * You must have a high degree of English writing skills PLUS have a creative flair. We need our articles to be interesting and colorful.
    * We have two positions right now with an opening for a third within 6 to 8 weeks. We prefer people who can work full-time but we will consider part-time as long as you can CONSISTENTLY be available for a min of 20 hours a week.
    * You can be based anywhere in the Philippines as long as you have a broadband fast internet connection and your own computer. We pay a monthly allowance for usage.
    * You will need to be available right now seeing we are introducing a new web service and need top writers fast.
    * We are looking for people who have internet article writing skills. Having SEO skills will be a MAJOR advantage or if you have self studied SEO and are able to write SEO copy.
    * You will be paid monthly in Singapore $'s. You will receive all local holidays plus 10 days annual paid leave as well.
    * We are wanting people looking for longer-term working opportunities.
    * You can work from home and will have the opportunity to work from an office in Quezon City should you wish from later on in the year.

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