Saturday, April 14, 2012

Benefits of Philippine Carabao Center

Vice President Jejomar Binay on Thursday cited the vital role of the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) in the promotion and development of local dairy industry.

Binay, who served as guest in a short "Ugnayan at Talakayan" program at the PCC headquarters here, said that the PCC is an important tool that could help uplift the lives of the dairy farmers.

He emphasized the importance of close cooperation and linkage between the farmers and the government agencies such as PCC to sustain development programs that can surely usher in progress in the lives of farmers.

He also underscored the significant role of the carabao as an important commodity in ushering additional income for thousands of farmers and in ensuring the eventual food security in the country.

Time has come to strengthen the dairy industry in the countryside and the carabao as an instrument to alleviate poverty, he said.

"I see the carabao as the ally of our farmers, just like where I grew up," Binay said.

The vice president hails from Isabela, which is one of the major agricultural producers in the country.

He also cited the many benefits that the carabao raisers can obtain from the venture. He even enumerated the salient features of major products from the carabao such as milk and meat.

He also said that through the right government programs and the farmers' cooperation, "we can expect a progressive state of our local dairy industry."

Likewise, he stressed the government's stand on protecting the welfare of dairy farmers, among other frontline workers in the country's economic backbone.

During the short program, the vice president, who together with PCC executive director Libertado Cruz, awarded certificates of entrustment of the 25-dairy buffalo module to selected dairy cooperatives in the National Impact Zone (NIZ), which is Nueva Ecija.

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