Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Water Supply in Zamboanga City

The Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) inaugurated Monday a Pump Booster Station at Barangay Talon-talon to provide adequate supply to residents in three barangays in the eastern tip of this city.

ZCWD Manager Leonardo Vasquez said the project costs over P25.7 million and took 11 months to finish.

The project includes a giant concrete 1,000 cubic meter water storage tank and a mechanical-electric system to pump water for consumers in the community.

The Pump Booster station will provide adequate water to 8,900 households or approximately 44,597 residents at barangays Talon-talon, Mampang and Arena Blanco.

Barangay Talon-talon is about 15 kilometers away from the main water reservoir and water distribution center at Pasonanca Park.

Work on the project started April 30 last year and was completed last week.

The first phase of the project consisted of laying out some 2,250 linear meters of 150mm primary pipes to which were attached the 1/2 inch pipes to households at homeowner expenses.

Previously, the water district delivered and sold water to residents in the barangay through tankers.

Residents bought water from these tankers at the rate of P11 per 200 liter drums.

The steady supply of water provided by the booster station will also provide water to the thousands of islanders in the Sacol Island group, who get their drinking water from mainland Zamboanga City.

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