Friday, February 1, 2013

114th anniversary of 1st Philippine Republic

President Benigno S. Aquino III reiterated his call toward "straight path of good governance" in his speech delivered for him by Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. during the celebration on Wednesday of the 114th anniversary of 1st Philippine Republic.

President Aquino assured that "those who will commit abuses in the performance of their duties will face the legal consequences of their acts," stressing that he will exert all efforts to put a period to corruption and malpractices and "divert them into strategies that will bring changes and improvements for the betterment of the Filipino nation."

President Aquino likened the commemoration of the 114th years the the ratified the Malolos Constitution and the 1st Philippines Republicas the symbol of the "realization of the long cherished dream that "our heroes fought for; the disentanglement from the tie of oppression; enjoying freedom and independence; and proving to the world that our country, the Philippines belong to the Filipinos and for the Filipinos."

He called on all to always "safeguard our freedom and defend our constitution", and warned that if we will not heed to this call, going back into the dark past of our history is inevitable.

The President called for unity and cooperation of every Filipino "in threading the path of good governance".

The president stressed that the sovereignty, democratic government that we are enjoying now are concrete indications of the successful struggle of our ancestors who bravely fought for our freedom.

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