Friday, February 1, 2013

Philippine Government Debt as of 2013

As of November 2012, the National Government debt stood at P5.381 trillion, higher by P22 billion from P5.359 trillion on end-October 2012 level.

Of the total debt, P1.975 trillion, or 37 percent is owed to external creditors and P3.406 trillion, or 63 percent, to domestic creditors.

External debt decreased by P11 billion from end-October 2012 level due to the appreciation of the local currency as well as the net depreciation of third currencies against the US dollar which reduced the peso value of NG debt by P14 billion and P12 billion, respectively.

This was partially offset by the P15 billion net availment for the period.

Domestic debt increased by P33 billion from the previous month's level due to net issuance of government securities.

On the other hand, total guaranteed debt of the National Government was recorded at P509 billion, lower by P19 billion from end-October 2012 level of P528 billion.

The decrease in external guaranteed obligations of P8 billion was due to local currency appreciation and third currency net depreciation against the US dollar which accounted for a P2 billion and P6 billion reduction in peso value of guaranteed external obligations, respectively.

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